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ESC: finance your energy savings improvements

Dalkia provides assistance to fund your energy savings improvements through Energy Savings Certificates (ESC) and covers all aspects of submitting applications

What are Energy Savings Certificates?

France introduced the national ESC incentive scheme to encourage initiatives aimed at curbing energy consumption. The scheme concerns all energy users, irrespective of building type or consumption purpose.

What are the benefits of ESCs?

The ESC programme is a national incentive scheme designed to promote initiatives aimed at reducing energy consumption. Improvements eligible for ESC offer:

Financial support

Unlock financial aid to meet the specific needs of your ESC-eligible improvements through Dalkia expertise euro

Increased asset value

Increase the value of your assets through energy retrofits batiment

Lower bills

Leverage state-of-the-art technology to curb your energy consumption and cut your utility bills pile

Environmental protection

Improve your eco-footprint ​​​​ampoule

Entrusting Dalkia with your improvement initiatives ensures you:

  • An expert in energy efficiency.
  • Project expertise spanning operations and oversight.
  • A partner able to handle all aspects of ESC applications.
  • A key player in ESCs since 2006 with over 10,000 initiatives handled on behalf of customers since the scheme was introduced.


eligible energy efficiency projects


of operations financed up to 80% by ESCs


applications handled by Dalkia

Dalkia is with you every step of the way from designing eligible projects to securing ESCs

  • An expert contact: Dalkia identifies your energy efficiency improvements and gives you financial incentives to carry them out.
  • Commitment: Following your approval and the sale of your ESCs, Dalkia finances your energy efficiency projects.
  • Carrying out work: Dalkia oversees and executes work to finalise the new facilities.
  • Securing and using ESCs: Dalkia puts together your application (up to one year after work is completed) and submits it to the relevant authorities. You then receive the financial benefits.