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Getting the most out of assets and buildings by incorporating all-inclusive, fixed overheads for all types of energy


Dalkia provides a range of solutions for developers, investors, property managers and associations covering offices, commercial real estate, tertiary property and facilities management services. These solutions are designed to optimise and secure operating costs for buildings by incorporating energy and environmental performance targets as a key driver.

Bespoke solutions to design, refurbish and manage buildings and assets

Greenpilot includes a number of innovative features such as integrated project support, energy performance management and all-inclusive energy services to support an energy revival in property assets.

Optimising overheads

Greenpilot can meet the full scope of budget requirements, including comprehensive facilities management (through partnerships) backed by integrated energy purchasing expertise.

Long-term energy savings

Greenpilot lowers energy bills through energy performance initiatives and the use of energy savings certificates.

Integrated project support

Our services include assisting owners in designing and renovating buildings (through our expertise in systems and maintainability, dynamic thermal modelling, building information modelling and consulting), along with project follow-up and building commissioning, ensuring delivery according to the owner's project requirements.

A local service available when and where needed

Greenpilot offers 24/7 support and provides "doorstep" regional coverage through dedicated teams of specialists.

Support for green leasing

Greenpilot helps the transition towards green leasing through a target-based approach covering a range of environmental accreditation such as HQE Exploitation, BREEAM In-Use, LEED EBOM and ISO 14001/50001 while raising occupant awareness through energy coaching schemes.

Greenpilot in figures

22 million

The number of square metres under Dalkia management


The number of environmental certifications obtained by our customers

80 %

The amount of building energy used for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting

25 %

Greenpilot energy savings potential through optimisation of energy use and recovery of waste energy


Energy reporting

Track energy consumption and KPI with Inviso®.

Trading room

Innovative, tailored solutions to buy energy at the best possible price.

Energy coaching

Awareness and coaching initiatives to make building occupants more aware of energy savings.

Ecolabels and certification

Turnkey engineering including accreditation audits.

Energy performance management

Energy performance management services unlock long-term savings.

Energy Savings Certificates ESC


Dalkia is with you every step of the way from designing eligible projects to securing ESCs

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