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Efficient swimming pool solutions to ensure comfort and convenience


Poolsolution takes into account the real needs of customers to create innovative, efficient technical facilities that ensure a comfortable environment for swimmers and staff.

Smart pool solutions

Poolsolution provides sustainable solutions for swimming pool design and operation.

Committed to responsible initiatives

Poolsolution improves air quality to promote a healthier environment for staff. It also supports the energy transition through the use of renewable and recovered energy sources.

Cost-effective comfort for pool users

Poolsolution optimises swimming pool operating and maintenance costs while using the Dalkia trading room to secure a supply of all types of energy and fluids at the best possible price.

Technical innovations for flawless pool reliability

Poolsolution draws on innovative methods to secure fluid supply and quality, ensuring permanent pool availability.

Reduced consumption

Poolsolution unlocks energy savings through complementary use of water, air and heating systems to enhance the performance of facilities in line with the needs of users.

Scalable facilities

Poolsolution covers the design and refurbishment of all pool-related facilities, along with support for new initiatives.

A local service

Poolsolution provides the expertise of Dalkia specialists to ensure facilities meet the highest standards 24/7.

Poolsolution in figures


The number of public and private pools operated by Dalkia


The number of hours a pool is open each year


Energy reporting

Track energy consumption and KPI with Inviso®.

Trading room

Innovative, tailored solutions to buy energy at the best possible price.

Energy coaching

Awareness and coaching initiatives to make building occupants more aware of energy savings.


Clear information on energy use to promote greener practices.

Energy performance management

Energy performance management services unlock long-term savings.

Optimal Solutions energy service

Consultancy, design and tracking for swimming pool energy performance projects.

Energy Savings Certificates ESC


Dalkia is with you every step of the way from designing eligible projects to securing ESCs

Poolsolution news

Combining energy performance and user comfort

Optimising these resources is crucial in ensuring a healthy return for local authorities. Solutions must provide users with a comfortable pool environment. That is why Dalkia constantly focuses on a number of key factors, including the temperature and quality of air and water, lighting and brightness, and ventilation.

We are well aware of the complex nature of these systems, which is why we designed Poolsolution to support our customers in designing, renovating and running their pools. Dalkia ensures swift savings on utilities including water, air, heating and electricity, backed by a commitment to user comfort and systems availability during pool opening times.

22 %

22% of average pool costs are linked to energy consumption and water use.

Promoting greener pool practices

« Changing room, room for change ! » is one of the slogans soon to be seen inside pools that benefit from Dalkia services as part of a campaign to raise awareness of more environmentally-friendly pool practices. Energy coaching is also one of the options included in Dalkia's new Poolsolution service. An information campaign to raise awareness of greener pool practices under the banner « In my pool, I play by the rules! » , gives tips on what to do to help keep pool air and water up to standard.

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