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Designing, building and operating heating networks

ecoheating urban

Dalkia helps local authorities to implement their regional energy transition initiatives through competitive, effective, green heating solutions.

A sustainable, local strategy

District heating is a vital part of the energy transition on a regional scale.

Making energy efficiency a priority

District heating systems offer users effective heating solutions that benefit from renewables at stable, competitive prices.

Developing an efficient, sustainable service to combat fuel poverty

In addition to providing district heating to as many people as possible over time, heating networks make it possible to combat fuel poverty through social tariffs.

Improving quality of life and making the most of regional assets

Heating networks represent secure, integrated architectural projects that stimulate the local economy by creating jobs that are not vulnerable to relocation, while at the same time improving quality of life by curbing pollution.

Providing the highest standards in public service

Dalkia customers benefit from efficient networks and specialist staff who are readily available to meet the needs of cities and residents.

Key figures


The number of heating networks managed by Dalkia in France.


The number of kilometres of pipes in Dalkia networks.


Energy coaching

Awareness and coaching initiatives to make building occupants more aware of energy savings.


Clear information on energy use to promote greener practices.

Energy Savings Certificates ESC


Dalkia is with you every step of the way from designing eligible projects to securing ESCs

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