Dalkia optimises energy overheads for hard facility management services for offices, factories, logistics hubs and other industrial buildings. We integrate energy and environmental performance while ensuring the utmost comfort and convenience for occupants.

Tailored solutions to ensure an effective work environment

Greenpilot is a facilities management solution that unlocks energy savings for HVAC and lighting systems.

Optimising overheads

Greenpilot can meet the full scope of budget requirements, including comprehensive facilities management (through partnerships) backed by integrated energy purchasing expertise.

Long-term energy savings

Greenpilot can lower energy bills (with or without investment) and enable use of energy savings certificates.

Integrated HVAC engineering

Greenpilot is backed by a comprehensive team of Dalkia energy experts and technicians, who are able to handle a whole series of requirements in relation to building regulations, environmental certification and ecolabels, project monitoring, simulations for renovations and more.

A local service available when and where needed

Greenpilot offers 24/7 support and provides "doorstep" regional coverage through dedicated teams of specialists.

Partnering environmental certification and ecolabel initiatives

Greenpilot helps customers meet ISO 14001 environmental criteria and ISO 50001 energy standards while improving occupant awareness through energy coaching services.

Greenpilot in figures

70 %

The share of building energy used by HVAC systems

25 %

Potential energy savings with Greenpilot through optimisation of energy use and recovery of waste energy


Energy reporting

Track energy consumption and KPI with Inviso®.

Trading room

Innovative, tailored solutions to buy energy at the best possible price.

Energy coaching

Awareness and coaching initiatives to make building occupants more aware of energy savings.

Ecolabels and certification

Turnkey engineering including accreditation audits.

Energy performance management

Energy performance management services unlock long-term savings.

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