We support our customers by adapting to the latest requirements and new legal and financial measures to help them reduce their operating budgets through energy upgrades.


The number of housing units that France aims to upgrade each year as part of its energy transition, starting in 2017

2 million

The number of multi-dwelling units heated by Dalkia

Housing revival: a social, economic and energy challenge

Housing construction and renovations are crucial from a social, economic and energy standpoint. With this in mind, the French environment ministry has introduced legislative measures to stimulate the private and social housing market. These measures are encouraging for some of those affected and limiting for others, with an uncompromising commitment to high standards.

Dalkia offers multi-dwelling unit stakeholders a dependable supply and the most competitive heating rates through optimal operation of facilities and connection to a heating network where applicable.

We also provide commitments to meet targets in terms of comfort and overheads through effective management of the energy supply, optimal plant efficiency and control over consumption.

We unlock energy savings through our Dalkia Energy Savings Centers (DESC) along with our improvement work for power facilities and building design in line with individual budgets. We also provide financing solutions and eco-awareness initiatives for occupants.

Through our presence on the ground, our expertise and our use of the latest digital technology, we can ensure a significant, sustainable reduction in energy consumption.

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