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Using cogeneration to optimise and secure the energy mix for the Ineos site in Sarralbe

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The challenge: helping an industrial energy user to effect a partial transition to gas and ensure a more reliable supply of electricity

The Ineos Polymers Sarralbe plant in north-east France makes polyolefins and catalysts. These manufacturing processes are extremely energy intensive, which led Ineos to look for a sustainable way to optimise its energy expenditure by diversifying the site’s energy mix (coal and gas).


The solution: installing a gas-fired cogeneration (CHP) plant to produce heat and electricity

The manufacturing process at the Ineos plant requires a lot of steam (produced by coal-fired boilers) and electricity. Therefore, Dalkia's group and its subsidiary Optimal Solutions decided to install a gas engine to produce electricity.

How it works ?

A cogeneration plant is like an aircraft engine, which is connected to a generator to produce electricity. Like all engines, it gets hot while in use and needs to be cooled. The heat given off is recovered using heat exchangers. The water used for cooling in these systems is fed into the heating network. Cogeneration outperforms separate facilities in terms of energy efficiency since the same amount of heat and power can be produced using less fuel (enabling savings of around 15%). Cogeneration plants can use fossil fuels or renewables. Dalkia operates 860 cogeneration plants in France, producing more than 3 TWh a year.

7 322 tonnes

of CO2 emissions avoids every year.


cogeneration plants in France operates by Dalkia.


This solution, achieved by Optimal Solutions, allows Dalkia to reduce the customer’s energy bill, provide a more reliable supply of electricity to the site and curb greenhouse gas emissions. Environmental benefits : recovering the heat produced by the cogeneration plant avoids 7,322 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year. Economic benefits  : a significant reduction in the energy bill for the Ineos Polymers Sarralbe site, requiring no investment from the customer, thanks to the outstanding efficiency of the cogeneration plant, guaranteed annual revenue from selling electricity back to the grid.


Installing this cogeneration plant provides an emergency backup to ensure our site meets the requirements of the Seveso Directive and gives us a more secure supply of electricity. The 12-year contract with Dalkia is part of a long-term commitment for the site.




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