Waste as a resource

Dalkia Wastenergy (ex Tiru) has been an EDF subsidiary since 1946 and a Dalkia subsidiary since 2016. The company specialises in turning waste into a resource for materials and energy. Dalkia Wastenergy has sites in France, with others in the UK and Canada. The company's strength stems from its three integrated areas of expertise: design, build and operation.

Waste provides a valuable resource

Dalkia Wastenergy offers a range of adaptable solutions for its customers, including local authorities and regional stakeholders.

  • Heat recovery: combustion of household waste to produce energy (electricity and/or steam) for district heating or industrial processes;
  • Biological recovery: breakdown of organic matter to produce standard-compliant compost and biogas;
  • Materials recovery: sorting and treating recyclable (plastic, fibrous and metal) waste.

Dalkia Wasternergy: an innovative player in the waste market

Dalkia Wastenergy is constantly on the lookout for new ways to recover waste and turn it into a resource to shape a greener economy. In addition to giving waste a new lease of life through sorting, Dalkia Wastenergy also produces:

  • Solid recovered fuel: SRF is waste that releases a significant amount of heat when burned and offers a viable alternative to fossil fuels. Dalkia Wastenergy is the first company in France to produce SRF from household waste, which is subsequently used in local industry.
  • Biogas: The biogas produced is treated and turned into biomethane, which Dalkia Wastenergy then feeds into natural gas distribution systems to supply local industry.
  • Heat: The Dalkia Wastenergy plant in Pontenx-les-Forges generates heat from waste incineration. To avoid energy loss and support the circular economy, Dalkia Wastenergy supplies this heat to a "green greenhouse" to grow tomatoes.

Dalkia Wastenergy helps overcome the challenges of the energy transition, providing waste-treatment expertise that is vital in creating an effective energy mix.

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