La biomasse


Biomass includes all plant or animal-based organic matter able to provide a source of energy through combustion (wood fuel), anaerobic digestion (biogas) or chemical processes (biofuel).

Biomass is used as a fuel to generate heat or electricity by dalkia is primarily associated with "wood fuel", which forms a key component of the energy transition, providing real benefits to the region:

  • Economic benefits of biomass
  • Environmental benefits of biomass
  • Social benefits of biomass

Biomass: energy of the future

Wood fuel offers a wide array of development prospects since it can be found in sufficient quantities to meet needs without threatening our forests: responsible management respects the forest's natural balance and offers a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.


Biomass represents 17 % of Dalkia's overall energy mix.


Dalkia' sites using biomass

Dalkia incorporates specific regional requirements for the use of wood fuel

We offer a comprehensive solution that takes into account all local energy needs in line with environmental goals, financial targets, existing facilities and wood fuel resources available locally. Throughout France, we use biomass to create a greener energy mix for cities, industry and public and private buildings.

Wood fuel is a core component of our drive to produce renewable energy and is a vital part of the energy transition, creating jobs and encouraging more sustainable management and use of forest resources. Dalkia is France's leading operator of wood fired power plants, biomass represents nearly half of Dalkia's renewable energy production, accounting for 17% of its overall energy mix.

Virtual tour of the Biganos biomass cogeneration plant

virtual tour of Biganos biomass plant

​​​​​​​Smurfit Kappa site

A few years ago, Dalkia built France's largest biomass-fuelled combined heat and power (CHP) plant at the Smurfit Kappa Cellulose du Pin paper mill in Biganos, in the south-west of the country. Come and take a virtual tour of the facility, a showcase for Dalkia expertise.

Dalkia secures supplies through Bois Energie France

Bois Energie France (BEF) provides a bespoke structure that allows Dalkia to ensure a continuous supply of high-quality biomass. BEF has been committed to the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) since 2013.

This means we can provide our customers with a sustainable supply chain that promotes forest conservation and ensures structured use of resources across all 466 sites.

Learning about biomass

Biomass is the most abundant source of renewable energy available in France. At Dalkia, we make extensive use of this resource (which accounts for nearly 50% of our renewable energy sources), especially for heating networks and cogeneration facilities for industry.


The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) promotes sustainable management of forest resources. It ensures compliance with sustainable management practices by those who use these resources and has led to the introduction of a system of checks at BEF to ensure traceability.