Energy services for buildings

France has committed to a fourfold reduction in its greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Buildings represent the country's highest source of energy demand and produce 23% of CO2 emissions. However, they also offer huge potential for energy savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Dalkia offers innovative energy management solutions for buildings and related facilities while raising occupants' awareness of the need to avoid energy wastage.

A number of factors to take into account

Reducing the energy consumption of buildings involves overcoming a number of hurdles:

The wide array of applications

Housing, universities, offices, sports centres, hospitals... A solution that works for one does not necessarily work for another.

Multiple stakeholders

Residents, investors, developers, owners and managers do not all have the same priorities.

Customer requirements

Customers are happy to save energy, provided they do not have to compromise on comfort and safety.

Older buildings

We can now build modern buildings that are "green and energy efficient". Yet things are not so easy when it comes to older buildings. In the words of French urban planner and sociologist François Ascher: "30 years from now, the shape of Western cities will be 80% the way it is today." The French government plans to refurbish 500,000 housing units per year starting in 2017 and has introduced targets requiring all new public buildings to meet low‑consumption standards. The private sector is encouraged to do the same!

Regional specifics

Various factors, such as a nearby forest, warm groundwater, a factory emitting a significant amount of waste heat and infrastructure availability, can all have an impact... Each region has its own unique make-up, which needs to be taken into account to successfully craft the solutions best able to deliver green, energy-efficient construction and refurbishment initiatives on a local level. Dalkia advocates tailored solutions rather than turnkey services.

36 %

The share of Dalkia business devoted to energy services for buildings


The number of housing units the French government aims to upgrade each year starting in 2017

Expected benefits

The energy transition law is expected to bring a number of benefits to the building industry:

  • Improving consumption while unlocking energy savings (fewer fossil fuels, greater thermal comfort and more efficient transport and industry);
  • Producing energy more "cleanly" to protect the environment (more local resources and renewables with less waste);
  • Enabling social improvements through multi-stakeholder initiatives (co-op power generation and innovative solutions;
  • Creating jobs in forward-looking business sectors and the building trade.

In order to meet these targets, the energy transition law requires energy upgrades for private housing as of 2025 (especially during work to clean facades, repair roofs and convert attics) while easing town planning regulations to encourage insulation and the creation of "energy-positive" buildings, which produce more energy than they use. The law also includes provisions for an "energy transition tax credit" representing up to 30% of the cost of work carried out, and a new "interest-free green loan" to finance renovations to improve energy performance.

When it comes to buildings, one of Dalkia's greatest assets lies in our ability to cover the entire energy value chain. For each building, we can:

Provide an energy audit

Draw up a plan to reduce consumption

with guaranteed results for heating, domestic hot water, air conditioning and all other energy uses in buildings;

Offer unparalleled technical solutions

adapted to individual customer needs (e.g. heat recovery, heat pumps, high-performance boilers and cogeneration) and available resources (solar, geothermal, wood, etc.);

Ensure long-term operation and maintenance along with energy performance management

Purchase energy cost-effectively

for all types of resources, ensuring sufficient quality and quantities to meet requirements in terms of building comfort and operations;

Raise occupants' awareness of the need to save energy

in the building (e.g. ensure that employees in "green" offices remember to turn off the lights and use heating efficiently).

Dalkia smart Building (ex optimal solutions)

A Dalkia subsidiary specialising in energy services for buildings

Dalkia acquired Dalkia smart Building in February 2015. The company specialises in designing and delivering green, energy-efficient solutions for local authorities and companies, enhancing our expertise in building management. Dalkia smart Building improves the energy performance of buildings through three business lines that complement Dalkia's other services:

  1. Energy renovations inside the building (HVAC, insulation, etc.)
  2. Long-term energy performance contracts for public buildings, social landlords, etc.
  3. Green construction and energy improvements for swimming pools.

A number of projects have proven the synergy between Dalkia and Dalkia smart Building specialists.

Energy efficiency solutions