Energy performance contracts

Energy performance contracts deliver a range of economic, technical and management benefits.

Energy purchasing and management

Energy purchasing and management involves analysis and modelling of all site needs to determine which resources are best suited to handling economic and environmental challenges. Dalkia is also able to pinpoint the most effective purchasing strategy and negotiate and manage contracts with different market suppliers. These include mixed contracts, load-shedding arrangements and more.


We ensure efficient operations by determining times of high and low demand and creating an optimal means of adapting to that load. We work hand in hand with our customers to monitor, adjust and adapt systems while providing support to meet individual needs.


Maintenance involves implementing a preventive programme backed by a monitoring system and a 24-hour call-out service to control and track performance while adapting to changes in load.

Major repairs and retrofits

Another key feature of our energy performance contracts is the assurance that equipment and facilities will continue to run smoothly. We have extensive expertise in tracking the latest technology and regulations to recommend the most suitable solutions and provide repairs and retrofits where needed.

More than a simple resource-based contract!

Energy performance contracts offer far more than traditional resource-based contracts. They cover a full range of additional services designed to optimise the quality and cost of energy use. They provide a comprehensive service agreement with guaranteed results, including both energy purchasing and management, operation and maintenance of facilities, and major repairs and retrofits where needed.