Enhancing energy performance

We offer our customers a wide range of expertise in energy efficiency solutions.

Energy performance: reducing and refining consumption

Energy efficiency involves keeping consumption of usable energy (heat, cooling, etc.) to the strict minimum required to provide energy services like heating, air conditioning, cooking and industrial refrigeration with a view to reducing the amount of energy used.

Energy efficiency also involves reducing loss in the conversion, distribution and use of energy required to provide these services with a view to refining the way energy is used. 

We now face an unprecedented need to use clean energy (such as renewable and recovered energy sources) instead of fossil fuels.

The combined drive to pursue energy performance and replace fossil fuels with renewables to deliver forward-looking energy services is a vital part of the energy transition.

France's energy transition law

(The Energy Transition for Green Growth Act of 18 August 2015)


  • Reduce final energy consumption by 50% by 2050 
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030 
  • Reduce fossil fuel consumption by 30% by 2030 
  • Increase the share of renewable energy sources to 32% of final energy consumption by 2030
  • Diversify electricity production and reduce the share of nuclear power to 50% by 2025.

Two key challenges

  • Shifting the energy mix towards renewables,
  • Reducing energy consumption through energy efficiency.

Dalkia is active in both of these areas.

Dalkia key figures

6.3 TWh

of energy savings

4.2 MT

of CO2 emissions saved

We are committed to optimising energy consumption and ensuring long-term performance through our three complementary business lines

1 - Heating and cooling networks

Dalkia is one of the leading names in heating and cooling networks in France. We draw on extensive expertise in building and operating facilities to produce and distribute heating and cooling across an entire neighbourhood or city. We use local renewable energy sources such as biomass, geothermal, seawater and solar power, along with recovered energy to offer customers efficient, low-carbon energy solutionsWe operate 330 heating and cooling networks in France, spanning a total of 2700 km.

2 - Multi-technical Energy Services For Buildings

Our experts develop tailored technical solutions to enhance the energy performance of buildings, which account for a significant amount of overall energy use. We provide energy services such as needs-based heating, air conditioning and temperature control to ensure lower energy consumption and demand while meeting energy-mix criteria and raising occupant awareness. In 2018, we supplied heating to 2 million multi-dwelling units while catering to 3 400 healthcare facilities (409,000 beds) and 19 900 commercial and tertiary facilities.

3 - Multi-technical Energy Services For Industry

We build and operate power plants to help industry players adopt clean energy and remain competitive. We handle the full range of industrial fluids and other energy sources, including high- and low-pressure steam, gas and compressed air. We use our capacity to combine fossil fuels with renewables to improve the security, cost and carbon footprint of factories. In 2018, we operated and serviced facilities at more than 2 300 industrial sites.

We offer customers complete control over the energy value chain

This includes:

  • guaranteeing service continuity 24/7;
  • ensuring the utmost user comfort and enhancing the appeal of workspaces through a comprehensive range of multi-technical and multi-service energy solutions;
  • supporting users to raise awareness and foster good practices to reduce consumption;
  • helping industry to reduce energy use while optimising energy flows from initial demand to generation;
  • supplying the best source of energy: using renewables rather than fossil fuels, choosing the most competitive energy sources and employing them at the right time, i.e. using the least costly solution when demand is high (mornings, winter, etc.); 
  • ensuring maintenance and efficiency of technical facilities to reduce and refine energy use while offering the cleanest solutions;
  • ensuring effective distribution through state-of-the-art networks while enhancing comfort and avoiding overconsumption;
  • boosting the efficiency of networks and facilities during the design phase to reduce consumption and prevent energy loss;

Dalkia delivers on-site technical and organisational energy solutions to meet individual customer needs

1 - Energy performance contracts: the Dalkia promise

Energy performance contracts give customers a comprehensive service agreement with a commitment to meet targets. These contracts include purchasing and managing the energy needed to provide energy efficiency services (heating, air conditioning, hot water, etc.), operating and maintaining facilities, and providing major retrofits and repair work. We offer a commitment to provide energy services that offer significant energy savings and long-term guarantees.

2 - Dalkia has set up its own trading room in France to secure and optimise energy supplies for customers

Dalkia's trading room is designed to optimise energy supplies and make the most of carbon credits. Faced with changes in energy prices and the unpredictable cost of gas, we set up a trading room to offer customers a secure, optimised service. 

3 - Dalkia makes innovation a cornerstone of its drive to improve efficiency

Innovation is the cornerstone of our drive to optimise the cost of providing energy services and ensure that customers benefit from more efficient, cost-effective solutions.

Our innovation policy includes:


The desc : Dalkia Energy Savings Center

The desc : Dalkia Energy Savings Center