Laying of the foundation stone for the SRF boiler room operated by Dalkia Wastenergy in Gdansk.

On 18 December, the foundation stone was laid for the SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) Energy Recovery Unit in the city of Gdansk in Poland. This inauguration in the presence of Slawomir Kiszkurno, Chairman of PCE, and Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, Mayor of Gdansk, brought together a consortium of three international companies including Dalkia Wastenergy. The laying of this foundation stone marked the start of construction work, scheduled to be completed by the end of 2023.

With an annual capacity of 160,000 tonnes, the new energy recovery unit will supplement the waste management system in Gdansk. The plant will mainly process the high calorific value fraction from the sorting and preparation centre currently operating on the same site, as well as two other pre-treatment centres for household waste in the region. The heat from the combustion process will be recovered to supply the city's heating network.

As a result, 509TJ of green thermal energy per year, which represents the heating and hot water requirements of 6% of Gdansk's inhabitants, will be transferred to the municipal heating network GPEC (Gdanskie Przedsiçbiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej). Operating as a cogeneration facility, the unit will also produce 109GWh of electricity per year, enabling it to supply all the tramways in Gdansk. The joint production of heat and electricity is an excellent example of the circular economy – the new facility will reduce CO2 emissions by 164,000 tonnes per year, the equivalent of taking more than 91,000 vehicles off the road.

With this innovative facility, the municipal companies ZUT and PCE will have a complete waste management and energy recovery centre. The city of Gdansk will, for its part, comply with EU priorities in terms of Energy Transition, namely the reduction of landfill waste, the development of recycling and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from landfill.

"PCE is an investment of great importance for the whole region. The plant will process 160 thousand tonnes of waste from 35 municipalities in Pomerania. The heat produced in the plant will be fed into the city's heating network and electricity into the power grid. This investment will also resolve some extremely important waste management issues and thus stabilise the waste market. This is an important step towards a circular economy for all of us."

Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, Mayor of Gdansk

"We decided to entrust operation of our facility to Dalkia Wastenergy because we are convinced of its professionalism. We wanted a partner with proven experience in the operation of heat treatment plants for municipal waste. We know that it has been a specialist for almost 100 years in the design, construction and operation of waste treatment and energy recovery units, including SRF."

Slawomir Kiszkurno, Chairman of PCE

"It is a source of pride for our group to participate in the creation of a model that will count in Europe. Gdansk is leading the way, setting an example to be followed: a benchmark for the European market in terms of the circular economy."

Pierre de Montlivault, Managing Director of Dalkia Wastenergy


tonnes of CO2 per year saved


of Gdansk residents supplied with heat


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