Haute-Savoie embarks on a green recovery with Dalkia

On 19 October, the Haute-Savoie departmental authorities signed a 10-year comprehensive performance contract with a consortium led by Dalkia Smart Building, covering 34 public buildings, including 29 lower secondary schools. The energy upgrades will achieve 26% energy savings, reducing CO2 emissions by nearly 38%. It’s a fine example of regional decarbonisation efforts.

Under the contract, Dalkia Smart Building is overseeing the design and implementing a number of energy performance initiatives, including the installation of low-energy LED lighting and the replacement of fuel-oil boilers with biomass boilers for heating. The Haute-Savoie region will reduce the 34 buildings’ total CO2 emissions by 38%.

Dalkia is handling the operation, maintenance and energy management of the installations, optimising energy performance over the long term. Dalkia and its subsidiary, Dalkia Smart Building, have pledged to achieve 26% overall energy savings.

The 34 public buildings will be connected to the Dalkia Energy Savings Center (DESC) in Vaulx-en-Velin, in order to optimise energy use in real time. Dalkia Smart Building will also install connected devices to measure consumption and temperatures on site, enhancing user comfort.

The three years of works will mainly be carried out during the summer months, starting in 2021.

Dalkia will also provide energy coaching to maintenance staff at the sites, and educate students and teachers on green practices.

“Haute-Savoie is particularly attentive to the energy performance of its buildings and aims high, exceeding the targets set out in the regulations. Newly constructed buildings are passive or energy-positive, and the upgrades will lower heating needs to half the limits set by French thermal regulations. This comprehensive performance contract with the consortium led by Dalkia Smart Building takes a holistic approach to reducing our environmental impact in Haute-Savoie. The works will be completed quickly, and are paired with efficient operation as well as 10 years of training and awareness initiatives designed to safeguard and maximise the targeted energy savings.”

Haute-Savoie departmental authorities

“This comprehensive performance contract in Haute-Savoie, led by Dalkia Smart Building, is a fine example of our firm commitment to the green recovery. All the thermal and electrical works will begin in summer 2021 at the 34 sites. One innovative aspect of the contract is the network of connected devices used to manage energy use locally, closely in line with needs. This comprehensive contract will achieve 26% energy savings over 10 years, while also reducing the Haute-Savoie authorities’ CO2 emissions by 38%.”

Cléopâtre Vinteler, Director, Dalkia Smart Building

“We are delighted to partner with the Haute-Savoie departmental authorities and support them in their energy transition. Dalkia has developed innovative technical solutions with ambitious commitments to energy savings. It’s another step forward in the fight against climate change and regional efforts to cut out carbon.”

Jérôme Aguesse, Regional Director, Dalkia Centre-Est




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