Arrival of the first crane at the ESPCI Paris-PSL construction site, a smart, ecological campus in the making

The École Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles of Paris (ESPCI Paris - PSL) has awarded Dumez Ile-de-France and Dalkia Smart Building a contract to renovate its premises. The construction site is one of the largest in the City of Paris and is receiving its first crane this week to begin construction of a building combining energy efficiency and digital innovation.

Built in 1882 in the heart of the 5th arrondissement, ESPCI Paris - PSL has embarked on a vast modernisation project to create a building that boasts cutting-edge functionality. Designed to meet the needs of researchers and engineering students, the new premises will be ultra-modern, scalable and tailored to research and teaching.

Major structural and architectural challenges

The renovation project is structured to reflect the urban, historical and functional considerations specific to ESPCI Paris - PSL. The Art Deco façade on Rue Pierre Brossolette and Rue Rataud will be preserved. The construction of a main building will provide new spaces spanning 19,000 m2, split between eight floors and dedicated to research on the future campus. The spiral structure will link the laboratories to communal areas, offices and classrooms to encourage interaction between researchers and students, embodying the school's unique spirit of imparting knowledge.

A building symbolising innovation and energy performance

The solutions implemented on this new campus aim to reduce the site's energy and environmental footprint through thermal insulation and connection to a district heating network in which renewable energy makes up more than 50% of the energy mix, along with the installation of heat pumps and solar panels for self-consumption. The control of blinds, lighting, heating and air conditioning will be centralised and optimised.

A digital services platform will also be made available to occupants to facilitate their daily life and optimise use in real time through features such as indoor guidance, usage-based space optimisation, smartphone remotes and incident reporting. A true smart building, the new ESPCI facility will make it possible to meet the new challenges of the energy transition and the digital transformation.

"ESPCI Paris - PSL project represents an unprecedented transformation for the school and a fabulous opportunity to rise to future challenges. Our researchers, teachers and students are all eager to see the new campus. ESPCI's current premises are dilapidated and mismatched. In addition to streamlining operations, the new building will improve the energy performance, connectivity and usability of our facilities. As the project owner, future operator and facilities manager, we are very attentive to the technical solutions proposed. This is a crucial part of meeting the ambitious goals of the project."

Ludovic Dehri Technical Director, ESPCI Paris - PSL

"I would like to thank ESPCI Paris - PSL and EPAURIF for entrusting Dumez Ile-de-France with the construction of this magnificent project, which involves major restructuring of all ESPCI Paris - PSL buildings in a series of stages, while enabling research and teaching to continue. School management is closely involved in overseeing this transformation, and is working with us in consultation with the project manager to find optimal technical solutions in a timely manner. This project reinforces Dumez Ile-de-France expertise in renovating academic buildings in severely restricted urban environments."

Sylvain Risbourg Project Director for the Dumez Ile-de-France/DSB consortium, ESPCI Paris - PSL construction site

"This major renovation project at ESPCI Paris - PSL, a prestigious school that has trained Nobel Prize winners such as Pierre and Marie Curie and Georges Charpak, is a fine example of Dalkia Smart Building expertise. We are proud to be part of the project, which illustrates our vision for the university of the future: energy efficient and with great usability thanks to state-of-the-art technical equipment and a digital services platform available to students, teachers and researchers. It reinforces the Dalkia Group's commitment to the green recovery and a responsible digital transition."

Arnaud Westrich Director Manager, Dalkia Smart Building


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