Dalkia renews its support for the French Hospital Federation Fund

In 2017, the French Hospital Federation Fund and its partners are introducing a campaign to promote innovation in hospitals. Plans include several initiatives to support innovative projects and shape tomorrow’s hospitals. On 14 June, Dalkia renewed the partnership it has had with the fund since its inception, and committed to help meet new targets.

28 July 2017

The French Hospital Federation (FHF) Fund was established in December 2014 to develop research and innovation for hospitals. It is now seeking to expand its funding to support and jointly implement innovative projects by facilitating partnerships between public healthcare institutions and the private sector. The Fund has teamed up with its partners to create an action tank designed to foster innovation in a variety of areas. Every year, the best ideas will be introduced on the ground in as many healthcare facilities as possible.

Dalkia has partnered with the FHF Fund since its inception and is a long-term contributor to the healthcare sector. The company will support the development of these new initiatives to actively shape tomorrow’s hospitals. Dalkia provides sustainable energy solutions to help healthcare facilities meet a range of needs with regard to clean air and water, the reliability of energy installations, occupant comfort and cost control. 

Within an ecosystem that pairs healthcare facilities with specialists in pharmaceuticals, biotech, e-health, insurance, banks, energy, construction, logistics, digital technology and food processing, the FHF Fund will roll out a series of measures such as brainstorming sessions to develop future healthcare systems and target ways to create and develop platforms for the analysis of current healthcare systems in order to adapt to changes underway.

Dalkia will contribute its long-standing expertise in hospital energy management to each of these initiatives and will help to implement leading innovations in as many healthcare facilities as possible.      

"Dalkia is more than a sponsor. The company is a real partner who works with us in researching innovative solutions for healthcare. We are happy to count on its business intelligence and vision of energy solutions for hospitals and cities to bring promising projects to fruition. An estimated 20,000 new hospitals will open around the world in the next few years. Our joint initiatives - which involve pooling our resources and expertise to help innovative startups implement their projects - will allow us to foster solutions able to meet the needs of these new hospitals and improve the quality of care provided in older healthcare facilities.”

Enguerrand Habran, FHF Fund Director

"We are delighted to renew our partnership with the FHF Fund and are ready to mobilize our full range of expertise in terms of human resources and technical solutions to develop innovative projects
for healthcare. The different types of involvement (medical, technological, organisational etc.) will allow us to improve healthcare in France and introduce new digital solutions and technologies in public hospitals that will benefit both care providers and patients. This will also put us in a position to export our expertise in managing highly critical energy facilities for new customers outside of France.”

Eric Molinié, Dalkia General Secretary