Dalkia slashes energy costs and shrinks carbon footprint for Great Wolf Lodge across 10 resorts

Recently launched U.S. energy services arm of international energy giant EDF projects $1.3 million in annual cost savings and a 10% smaller carbon footprint in year one of deployment for indoor waterpark resort company.

Dalkia, a comprehensive building energy solutions provider to organizations with buildings and facilities across North America and member of the EDF Group, is projected to deliver over $1.3 million in energy savings and a 10% reduction in carbon emissions in its first year for Great Wolf Lodge.

Dalkia initially developed an end-to-end building energy plan, implementation and support for a range of energy improvements for the Great Wolf Lodge indoor waterpark resort in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. The plan included building energy software, LED lighting improvements, water conservation devices, HVAC upgrades and on-site electricity generation with a combined heat and power (CHP) unit. Once these improvements were in place, Great Wolf Lodge New England immediately began to realize savings on electricity, natural gas and water bills.

Building upon that success, similar efficiency projects were initiated at nine other Great Wolf Lodge resorts across the U.S. Thus far, Dalkia’s efficiency upgrades has saved 11,211,938 kWh of electricity, equivalent to about 1,000 U.S. households’ annual consumption. The energy cost- cutting impacts of Dalkia’s work is projected to provide $1.3 million in savings for Great Wolf Lodge, along with a 10% reduction in carbon intensity of their operations its first year of deployment. Watch the video case study on Great Wolf Lodge.

“Dalkia helped us take our decade-long commitment to sustainability and conservation to the next level. Based on extremely positive results from their work across ten of our locations, we look forward to investing in additional energy-saving and carbon-cutting measures with Dalkia in the near future at our other lodges.”

Bob Holesko, Corporate Director of Engineering at Great Wolf Lodge

The “always on” requirements of the hospitality industry make it a large consumer of energy in the form of electricity and natural gas, the costs of which can consume up to 10% of revenues at a single property. Dalkia’s consulting, planning and customized solutions grounded in today’s most advanced technology can attack high energy costs without disrupting normal operations or negatively impacting guest comfort.

Great Wolf Lodge has a 10-year track record of dedication to sustainable hospitality operations under Project Green Wolf, a program focused on energy and resource conservation which has become an integral part of each resort’s daily operation. The project helped Great Wolf Lodge receive the distinction of being the first U.S. hospitality chain to earn Green Seal certification for all of its properties. Great Wolf turned to Dalkia to build on its previous progress in energy conservation and make significant progress towards further reducing its carbon footprint.

“The results of our work at Great Wolf Lodge resorts across the country are a great example of what Dalkia can achieve for our clients in the hospitality industry, helping them bring down costs and operate more sustainably. As energy costs rise for hospitality businesses and guests increasingly want to see how hotels and resorts are addressing the climate crisis, Dalkia can bring all of our resources and expertise to bear to address both of those needs while maintaining guest comfort and satisfaction.”

Jon Guerster, CEO of Dalkia Energy Solutions

Having just launched in the U.S., Dalkia combines more than 80 years of experience in energy services and outstanding customer service to address every conceivable energy need for facility owners and managers. Dalkia’s versatility and comprehensive service offerings—along with CHP provider partner Aegis Energy Services—made it the perfect match for Great Wolf Lodge, the largest indoor waterpark resort chain in North America.