#1jeune1solution: Dalkia trains young people in energy transition professions at its Campus

As part of the government's "1 young person, 1 solution" scheme, Thibaut Guilluy, high commissioner for employment and corporate commitment, accompanied by Sylvie Jéhanno, chairwoman and CEO of Dalkia (EDF Group), came to support young technicians on work-study programmes at the Dalkia Campus in Lille. During their visit, Dalkia Nord-Ouest regional management signed a partnership with GEIQ Eco-Activités and GEIQ Emploi to take on 12 young people on work-study programmes.

To meet its carbon neutrality goals, France needs talent with state-of-the-art technical skills. Dalkia set up its own Campus back in 2012 to provide the necessary training through work-study programmes. It offers courses spanning two years of higher education from school leaving certificate onwards, with or without prerequisite qualifications, in electrical engineering, climate engineering, operation and maintenance of energy installations.

Programmes combine classroom learning and practice with hands-on application in the field alongside Dalkia's teams, enabling young people to learn the technician's trade in the best possible environment. 300 tutors help students absorb the expertise the company has honed over more than 80 years of harnessing renewable energy and energy performance.

Dalkia helps 400 students learn the necessary skills through work-study programmes every year. In 2020, 92% of students trained at the Campus went on to graduate and 82% were hired by the Dalkia Group. As in 2020, Dalkia plans to hire over 2,000 new employees this year.

Although most of the training offered by the Dalkia Campus takes place at its site in Lomme, near Lille, courses are also available in other regions of France through partner training centres. The Campus supports young and not-so-young people in training throughout their career.

Dalkia Nord-Ouest regional management also reiterated Dalkia's commitment to support youth employment in signing a partnership with GEIQ Eco-Activités and GEIQ Emploi et Handicap—part of a group of employers working to help young people find work and gain qualifications—to take on 12 work-study students in the 2021 school year.