Dalkia brand rollout

Dalkia is part of the EDF Group and specialises in harnessing renewable energy sources and unlocking energy savings. The company has now renamed its five specialised subsidiaries to bring them under the Dalkia umbrella brand.

Dalkia has now renamed its specialised subsidiaries to clarify its positioning and expertise in activities related to the energy transition:

  • TIRU, which specialises in waste-to-energy solutions, has changed its name to Dalkia Wastenergy.
  • Cesbron, which specialises in industrial and commercial cooling and HVAC solutions, will now be called Dalkia Froid Solutions.
  • Optimal Solutions, an expert in the design and construction of smart buildings, has been rebranded Dalkia Smart Building.
  • Techsim, a specialist in compressed air production, will now be called Dalkia Air Solutions.
  • Dalkia Biogaz, which specialises in producing, purifying and recovering biogas, adopted the Dalkia brand in 2016.

The EDF Group acquired Dalkia's business activities in France in July 2014, which are now an integral part of the utility's drive to develop low-carbon energy solutions. Dalkia currently operates in five countries.

Dalkia has around 15,500 employees, with revenue of €4 billion. It provides a comprehensive range of energy services for customers that includes managing and optimising heating and cooling networks, harnessing local energy resources, enabling energy efficiency, offering services for buildings and industry, and delivering innovative digital solutions.

"More than four years after joining EDF, the Dalkia brand rollout across all business lines will cement our position in spearheading energy services for the EDF Group. The new names given to our specialised subsidiaries underscore our commitment to tackle climate change and reflect our everyday efforts to shape a greener, smarter world alongside our customers"

Sylvie Jéhanno, Chairwoman and CEO of Dalkia

Dalkia Brand deploys in France and abroad

Dalkia brand rollout