Dalkia and boostHEAT establish partnership to develop a new technology for energy consumption reduction

Dalkia and boostHEAT have signed a partnership agreement for the testing and marketing of a new generation of gas boilers designed and developed by the start-up company. Dalkia is committed to promoting these new gas-fired thermodynamic boilers to its customers.

To engage in the development of new energy systems is to design, build and operate ever more efficient and economical installations that reduce CO2 emissions. BoostHEAT has developed an innovative thermodynamic boiler concept that halves gas consumption, allowing energy efficiency to go a step further.

Dalkia, a key player in energy transition, enables its customers to achieve significant savings. In 2013, exchanges with Dalkia allowed boostHEAT to envisage major developments of their technology and enabled them to position it not only in the retail market, as originally planned, but also for local authorities and the service sector. This demonstrates the capability of this new technology to cover a wide range of energy efficiency and meet the most diverse needs. Dalkia will implement solutions co-developed with boostHEAT to community housing, tertiary and public buildings as well as to industrial sites.

As part of this business partnership, testing of this new generation of boiler will be carried out by Dalkia customers during the winter of 2016-2017. Available for sale from 2017 onwards, the boostHEAT technology, coupled with the DESC (Dalkia Energy Savings Center) will help take a step even further towards energy and environmental progress.

With expertise in energy services, Dalkia promotes companies that develop innovative methods of energy production and consumption. This ambitious and breakthrough project is a pragmatic implementation of the energy transition.

These new thermodynamic boilers are developed on the basis of an original and patented thermal compression technology that activates a heat pump cycle using a natural fluid to reduce consumption by 50% compared to condensing boilers.

Jean-Marc Joffroy
CEO of boostHEAT

Experts in energy efficiency, our Group promotes innovation, particularly through partnerships with innovative SMEs. With boostHEAT, we will offer our customers a new solution that will complement our offers to reduce their bills and environmental impact.

Jean-Michel Mazalérat
Chairman and CEO of Dalkia

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