Caen-la-mer Olympic ice rink unlocks energy savings with Dalkia Froid Solutions and Profroid

The Caen-la-mer urban community chose Dalkia Froid Solutions and its supplier Profroid to replace refrigeration systems at its local ice rink. The new facility is more sustainable and kinder to the environment thanks to the use of PowerCO2OL technology, which uses 30% less energy than a conventional system.

The Caen-la-mer urban community chose to use Profroid technology for the refrigeration system at its Olympic ice rink. After working with Profroid to configure the system and its options, Dalkia Froid Solutions brought the installation on stream and will now handle operations and maintenance.

The new PowerCO2OL cooling system uses patented CO2OLtecEvo® technology with a glycol water loop system, which ensures optimal energy efficiency for all types of applications and weather conditions. The innovation reduces the plant’s impact on the environment through the use of eco-friendly coolant and a 30% reduction in energy consumption compared with a standard system.

The 500 kW installation provides the cooling needed to ice the Olympic-size rink. The heat given off by the refrigeration process is recycled to promote a circular economy. It is fed into the heating system for the three outdoor pools at the adjacent aquatic centre and is also used to melt the ice emptied into the snow pit during resurfacing work.

Rink facilities are controlled via a building management system (BMS), which configures, schedules and controls all equipment remotely. The BMS handles everything from setting operating times and adjusting ice temperature based on activities to managing heat recovery and controlling the cooling plant.

Work also involved replacing the chilled slab underneath the 1,800 square-metre rink.

“This installation is an amazing opportunity for Profroid, which is aiming to promote its CO2 technologies for high-power cooling applications such as warehouses and sports facilities. We are very proud to offer this kind of large-scale solution, thanks to the PowerCO2OL system, which offers benefits in terms of sustainability, energy savings and improved efficiency.”

Pierre Boyer, Managing Director, Profroid

“The energy and environmental efficiency linked to growing demand for cooling systems and the development of eco-frienldy coolants are key challenges in the energy transition and the bid to tackle climate change. Dalkia Froid Solutions is a trusted partner that empowers clients to rise to these challenges in the long term.”

Philippe Anselme, Managing Director, Dalkia Froid Solutions