You are our main source of energy!

Joining Dalkia means playing a key part in the campaign to manage energy resources and protect the environment. Our business spans a wide range of markets, with operations covering thermal and hard facility management services, heating and cooling networks, industrial utilities, installations, comprehensive building management and industrial maintenance.

Pursuing a career and developing skills

As soon as you join Dalkia, we will be there to help you develop your skills and talents to unlock career opportunities that help you reach your full potential.

You will have regular meetings with your manager and HR representatives. We provide resources to let you learn more about different jobs, business units and gateways between professions. We are there to help you chart your own career path.

Support resources include:

  • Annual appraisal;
  • Skills assessments;
  • Professionalisation;
  • Training credit;
  • Recognition of prior experience.

Training is crucial. Every year, we go to great lengths to help everyone enhance their knowledge and skills and develop new talents. Campus Dalkia provides programmes, vocational training courses and opportunities to obtain qualifications. We use innovative learning methods to provide tailored training to meet individual needs.

A company that thrives on diversity

We pledge to promote diversity and ensure equal opportunity with every step on the career path, including recruitment, training, skills development, career management and more. Our Diversity Label is tangible proof of our efforts. We embrace diversity as a source of strength, impetus and overall performance. It gives the company a real advantage. This shines through in our variety of profiles, careers, backgrounds and cultures. Diversity is a springboard for progress that reflects our different business lines.


If you have any questions or would like to report any issues related to diversity, equal opportunity or discrimination: contact a diversity officer

​​​​​​​Safety first

The men and women working at Dalkia are our most precious resource. There is nothing more important than ensuring they stay healthy and guaranteeing their safety. This is something we manage at the highest level. Safety must be an integral part of our everyday business practices. It is above all a state of mind that involves being aware of others, creating the right work environment and ensuring quality. More broadly, it is a set of reflexes that must become a key component of our company culture.

Sharing our guiding principles on a daily basis

Our everyday actions are guided by four key principles that apply to everyday operations at all of our sites: efficiency, customer focus, innovation and social responsibility.

These priority actions reflect our commitment to meet the following goals: recognise and reward teamwork, promote experience sharing and optimise internal expertise to enhance our skills.