Sales & Marketing

Dalkia marketing specialists devise proposals and solutions for energy services that will be brought to all customers—including local authorities and industry—through our sales representatives to help them rise to the challenges of the energy transition.

Jobs in Sales & Marketing

Dalkia marketing specialists devise proposals and solutions for energy services. Key prerequisites include a knowledge of markets, along with effective targeting and design. Jobs are based out of central office, regional offices and subsidiaries and are closely tied to operations on the ground.

Sales teams comprise some 15 types of job in areas such as development, canvassing and customer portfolio management. The energy services business requires effective sales and technical skills, with responsibilities that go well beyond the simple act of selling. Responsibilities include designing and managing proposals, and negotiating right up until the contract is signed. Sales teams work closely with operational and technical staff, which provides a gateway to a number of different business lines. Jobs in sales are mainly for young graduates with a bachelor's or master's degree (from engineering and business schools).

Job types

Sales engineer

sales engineer


  • Manage, maintain, enrich and/or develop the sales portfolio for the relevant sector (housing and local authority/tertiary/industry/healthcare/networks);
  • Handle relations with prospects and/or customers; conduct negotiations and meet sales targets;
  • Provide technical/economic studies;
  • Demonstrate an innovative approach to building proposals;
  • Manage sales monitoring tools;
  • Support the operational team during contract startup.



  • Engineer specialising in energy or general engineering;
  • English would be an advantage for career development.