Greater Nancy develops green heating networks with Dalkia

At 11 am on Monday, 10 October, André Rossinot, Chairman of Métropole du Grand Nancy, joined Jean-Michel Mazalérat, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dalkia, Jean-François Husson, Vice-Chairman of Métropole du Grand Nancy, and Benoît Dujardin, Regional Director for Dalkia, in signing a public service concession contract (DSP) for the production and distribution of heating in the Greater Nancy area, not including Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy and its outskirts. The ceremony was attended by a number of network users and partners.

On 1 April 2016, Métropole du Grand Nancy - an intercommunal body comprising some 20 municipalities in the Greater Nancy area - awarded Dalkia a 20-year public service concession to produce and distribute heating in the Greater Nancy area (not including Vandœuvre and its outskirts) through its subsidiary Estia Réseaux. The contract covers heating networks for three districts: Saint-Julien Kennedy, Plateau de Haye and Blandan Médreville.

As a result of renovations to existing boiler systems and Métropole du Grand Nancy's proactive approach to sustainable development, the equivalent of more than 10,350 homes already benefit from "green" heating at extremely competitive rates. 57.2% of the heat provided by the network comes from renewable energy, preventing 18,300 metric tons of CO2 emissions a year.

In awarding the contract, the Greater Nancy area set out to develop and further expand the high-quality public service to include new users. In line with this commitment, through Estia Réseaux de Chaleur, Dalkia will:

- develop networks in the three new districts, which are close to those already connected to a heating network (representing the equivalent of over 1,400 more homes by 2018 in the Meurthe-Stanislas districts);
- offer attractive heating rates, among the most competitive in eastern France (10-20% below current rates depending on the network);
- secure heat production and modernise existing facilities by introducing additional production facilities (biomass and cogeneration);
- create a customer portal allowing users to view a comprehensive range of information about their facilities;
- review opportunities and conduct a feasibility study for the creation of new heating networks by 30 June 2017.

360° Virtual Tour

The new contract also provided an opportunity to unveil the 360° virtual tour of the Victor biomass heating plant and the biomass preparation facility run by Dalkia in Velaine-en-Haye using a VR headset. (Available at