A smart thermal grid provides an intelligent system for district heating (heating network) or cooling (cooling network). Smart thermal grids adapt to user behaviour to meet individual needs while harnessing the power of local renewable energy and recovered energy sources.

Smart thermal grids draw on new and existing infrastructure for district heating networks and cooling networks, and incorporate the benefits of the digital revolution. Smart thermal grids ensure an efficient, sustainable, secure supply of affordable heating and cooling.

Heating accounts for half of energy consumption in Europe, which makes smart thermal grids an integral part of the drive to meet the challenges of the energy transition through the ability to provide an effective way to manage energy consumption. They are also an integral part of smart cities, promoting renewable energy to curb CO2 emissions.

More importantly, smart thermal grids give users an opportunity to achieve energy savings and reduce their utility bills. They are thus an effective way of tackling fuel poverty.

Smart thermal grids are a crucial link between smart buildings and the smart city.