IPMVP ( International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol)

The International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) is a method of measuring and verifying energy savings approved by France's Grenelle Environment Forum. It is increasingly being used as an integral part of energy efficiency initiatives.

IPMVP sets out rules to measure and verify the energy performance of a building in a transparent, irrefutable manner based on a 14-step approach. Energy savings are the end goal of energy performance contracts (EPC).

Previous efforts to manage energy savings involved calculating the difference between the energy used before and after the introduction of energy efficiency solutions. Unfortunately, this approach failed to take account of factors that can influence a building's energy consumption, such as weather, occupancy and usage intensity.

IPMVP offers a simple, methodological solution that integrates these key factors to provide a tried-and-tested international benchmark to ensure energy performance targets are met.