Low-carbon solutions

Low-carbon solutions refer to all measures and methods designed to reduce the use of fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas (which give off a lot of CO2 when burned) by replacing them with renewables. Low-carbon solutions are an integral part of the energy transition.

A key player in low-carbon solutions

Dalkia has been a key player in the energy transition since the beginning. We have been reducing the CO2 emissions of the facilities we operate since 1937.

Based on the individual needs of each city or region, we offer tailored solutions to make the most of local energy resources, cut energy bills and curb CO2 emissions.

4.3 TWh

of energy savings in 2016

3.2 MT

of CO2 saved in 2016

Renewable and recovered energy sources

We focus on meeting low-carbon targets through the use of renewable and recovered energy sources:

26 %

Since 2000, the share of renewable and recovered energy sources in Dalkia's overall energy mix has risen from 2% to 26%

10 %

In 15 years, the share of recovered energy sources in Dalkia's overall energy mix has risen from 1.45% to nearly 10%

Energy efficiency and low-carbon solutions are a natural result of better energy consumption management. This is the goal of the seven Dalkia Energy Savings Centers (DESC), which are control rooms used to remotely manage the energy performance of facilities. They now handle energy management for more than 20,000 customer sites and facilities in France.

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