Industrial and commercial cooling

Industrial cooling covers the design, installation and maintenance of refrigeration equipment and high-power systems, while commercial cooling concerns low-power systems, which are generally used to keep products at the right temperature before sale.

This is an area in which companies face a number of challenges, since effective cooling networks have a direct impact on their competitiveness and their ability to meet standards in terms of performance, comfort, environmental regulations, innovation and image.

Dalkia solutions

As an established provider of cooling solutions, we offer a range of "Ecosolution" services to optimise cooling systems for our customers while enhancing the energy performance  of their industrial cooling processes.

These services are based on a four-tiered approach designed to deliver long-term support and energy improvements:

  1. Design quality : 

    Ecosolution: design and integration

  2. Operating reliability : 

    Ecosolution: reliability

  3. Cooling optimisation : 

    Ecosolution: dynamic

  4. Reduced cooling consumption :

    Ecosolution: performance

Cesbron: our specialist subsidiary

Dalkia's expertise grew with the acquisition of Cesbron in 2015.

As a specialist in cooling systems, Cesbron complements our services by covering all aspects of refrigeration and energy management for all types of industrial and commercial facilities and coolants. The company offers a comprehensive approach spanning consultation, design, installation, maintenance and energy optimisation.

Cesbron has two key assets that make its solutions unique:

FROILOC®: super-clean localised air cooling systems

Froiloc® is an innovative concept that provides super-clean localised air cooling for the food-processing industry.

The solution significantly improves food hygiene while optimising energy consumption and creating a more comfortable work environment for employees.


Optienergie® is an energy management solution that gives companies the utmost control over the performance of their facilities.

The solution reduces the risk of downtime while cutting energy bills to achieve savings of up to 30%.

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