Dalkia and its subsidiaries

Our subsidiaries are at the forefront of innovation in industrial and commercial cooling, energy services, biogas, waste-to-energy solutions and more.


Cesbron specialises in industrial and commercial cooling and HVAC engineering. Its mission is to provide all customers in all locations with their ideal temperature while optimising energy consumption and protecting the environment. Its innovative solutions span the entire process, from consultation and design to installation and maintenance. Cesbron operates in a field that has widespread applications, through which it has acquired extensive experience in a number of different sectors.

Optimal Solutions

Optimal Solutions designs and implements eco-efficiency energy solutions to help customers in both the public and private sector reduce energy costs and curb CO2 emissions.


TIRU specialises in energy recovery (burning household waste to produce electricity and steam), biological waste recovery (breaking down organic matter to produce compost and biogas) and materials recovery (sorting and treating recycled waste).

Dalkia biogaz

Dalkia biogaz specialises in the production, treatment and recovery of biogas. The company is committed to the development of anaerobic digestion to recover biogas through cogeneration and direct injection into the natural gas distribution network.

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