International business development

A key goal of EDF's CAP 2030 strategy lies in developing energy services for the international market. This strategy is based on three key priorities:

  1. Growing closer to customers
  2. Doubling renewable energy production by 2030
  3. Tripling the amount of business done outside France by 2030

EDF aims to triple its share of business outside France by 2030 through a focus on low carbon energy generation, energy services, engineering and trading. Dalkia is spearheading EDF's drive to develop these energy services. Our international business development strategy is an integral part of EDF's drive to meet its targets. It focuses on our full range of business sectors: heating and cooling networks, energy services for buildings and energy services for industry. We draw on EDF’s established network to create long-term growth drivers while striving to make full use of available synergies.

Since joining the EDF Group in July 2014, Dalkia has successfully expanded abroad, with the acquisition of ZEC Katowice, a heat production and distribution business in Poland, in September 2015. This was followed by the acquisition of Groom Energy Solutions in the United States and Fenice Rus in Russia, in September and December 2016. Since 2017, Dalkia has also been involved in joint ventures in the UK (EDF Energy Services) and Belgium (EDF Luminus Solutions). In June 2017, EDF Energy Services acquired Imtech, a leading engineering services company in the UK and Ireland.

Tiru, a Dalkia subsidiary specializing in waste recovery, is expanding its activities in Great Britain and Canada. End of june 2017, Dalkia employs more than 3,000 people worldwide.

Press releases on international business development

NB: Following the move to divide its assets between EDF and Veolia and pending retrieval of its trademark, Dalkia operates in international markets under the name DK Energy.