Dalkia in France

Energy “made in France”

Dalkia offers a range of energy solutions carefully crafted to meet the needs of individual cities and regions by managing consumption, meeting energy performance targets and identifying local resources to promote decentralised production. We have proven our commitment to protect natural resources and the environment over close to 80 years’ experience in the field.

Local support

Our organisation brings each of our customers the best of our talents and solutions, regardless of their industry.

Teams on the ground are often present on site, communicating daily with customers and ensuring tailored solutions. We use a wide array of systems and resources including call management, e-reporting and preventive maintenance to collect and provide our customers critical data in real time.

Enabling more energy savings

Dalkia has been part of the EDF Group since 25 July 2014, following a move that represents one of the biggest milestones in its history. We have set the bar high, aiming to become the global leader in energy services by the end of 2018.

The energy transition, which now provides the framework for energy policy in France and throughout the European Union, represents an outstanding opportunity for Dalkia.

Our traditional markets—heating networks, energy efficiency for buildings and solutions for industrial sites—are set to experience fresh impetus. Against a backdrop of dwindling fossil-fuel reserves and fuel poverty, Dalkia has a historic responsibility to create a "greener" energy mix and continue to reduce its customers' consumption and energy bills. That is what we are doing with our "renewable" heating networks, irrespective of whether they use biomass, geothermal or recovered energy sources. That is also what we are achieving through our energy performance contracts and the growing use of our Dalkia Energy Savings Centers (DESC), which remotely enhance the performance of our customers' facilities.

Dalkia has a vital part to play in achieving a successful energy transition.  And while there is new growth in the French market, there are also a number of opportunities to seize around the world. Our success in achieving our goals will be boosted by our ability to remain on the cutting edge of innovation, as we have done since the company's inception, in 1935. Our customers are our chief ambassadors. Nothing is more important than customer satisfaction. Dalkia's workforce of some 15 500 people continues to ensure a long-term presence alongside these customers in providing the expertise needed to reduce and decarbonise their consumption by making better use of the energy resources available to each site, building and region.