Dalkia provides solutions that ensure the reliability of technical facilities for tertiary and industrial sites while optimising the consumption of utilities and helping manufacturers to unlock local resources through energy recovery


Targeted annual savings for Dalkia's industrial customers in France by 2020


Number of industrial sites managed by Dalkia

18 %

Industry's share of final energy consumption

Energy: a cornerstone of the challenges faced by industry

Industry players must continually hone their competitive edge. They need to be adaptable and creative. They need to have the financial resources to develop their projects. The wide range of regulatory constraints they face forces them to focus on their core business and outsource peripheral tasks.

Dalkia gives industry a means to harness the full potential of sites to shape the industry of the future in terms of connectivity, performance and sustainability through an approach that creates value for all stakeholders.

Through our ongoing technological watch and proven management of industrial utilities, we can offer the most effective solutions to meet their needs.

Our teams on the ground are well trained and keenly aware of key requirements in industry. They make safety and service continuity a priority in line with the latest environmental and health regulations.

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