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Boosting reliability and optimising energy utilities at your industrial sites


Ecosolution offers a combination of effective budget management and operating performance. Dalkia offers multi-technical energy services that allow those in industry to focus on their core business.

Combining availability, savings and performance

Offsetting the impact of volatile energy prices

Offsetting the impact of volatile energy prices

Ecosolution enables flexible energy sourcing to strike the right balance for each individual consumption profile.

Curbing the carbon footprint

Curbing the carbon footprint

Ecosolution promotes sustainability through solutions that support renewable and recovered energy sources (rethink, reduce, reuse, recycle).

Enhancing energy performance

Enhancing energy performance

Ecosolution can streamline performance and reduce use of utilities to enhance the energy efficiency of industrial processes.

Supplying industrial utilities that meet quality standards

Supplying industrial utilities that meet quality standards

Ecosolution ensures energy utilities meet the full range of quality criteria for industrial processes.

Ensuring service continuity

Ensuring service continuity

Ecosolution secures production while ensuring the availability of energy facilities and technical installations.

Ecosolution in figures


The number of industrial sites that benefit from Dalkia expertise

+/-15 %

Potential reduction in energy costs with Ecosolution

20 %

The average share of industrial sites in overall national energy consumption


Dalkia has developed a range of exclusive advantages delivered with Ecosolution to provide tailored energy efficiency services that ensure the highest level of performance.

Energy reporting

Track energy consumption and KPI with Inviso®.

Trading room

Innovative, tailored solutions to buy energy at the best possible price.

Energy Savings Certificates ESC


Dalkia is with you every step of the way from designing eligible projects to securing ESCs

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