We support healthcare decision makers and stakeholders through innovative technical solutions designed to reduce the energy consumption of buildings while successfully addressing health risks and ensuring reliability.


The annual energy consumption of the healthcare sector, representing 12% of total energy use for buildings in France

3 to 5 %

The percentage of healthcare facility budgets allocated to energy


The number of healthcare facilities operated by Dalkia specialists

Patient safety and budget management: core healthcare concerns

The French healthcare system is a cornerstone of the country's social model. The system now faces challenges linked to the increasing number of chronic illnesses and population ageing while adapting to social, economic and environmental issues.

Dalkia supports healthcare decision makers by offering technical solutions that ensure a secure supply of energy and fluids while meeting regulatory standards and focusing on health risks.

We also deliver energy savings through all-inclusive contracts that cover a whole range of energy solutions, backed by our expertise in operating facilities, ensuring the highest standards of performance and providing connections to heating networks where applicable.


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