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Harnessing waste energy from industry to benefit the surrounding region


Ecoimpact harnesses the full potential of untapped energy sources by converting waste heat into a new, renewable local resource to diversify the regional energy mix.

Ecoimpact turns waste heat into a renewable resource

Making the most of untapped energy sources is an integral part of the energy transition on a regional scale.

Harnessing the full potential of untapped resources

Ecoimpact unlocks the full potential of untapped energy sources to improve energy efficiency while meeting all requirements for industrial processes.

A growth driver

Ecosolution draws on untapped resources to create a long-term revenue stream.

Improving the regional energy footprint

Ecosolution supports companies' environmental initiatives to boost the image and acceptance of industrial sites.

Ecoimpact in figures

60 TWh

The potential of waste heat from industry in France

17 %

The share of waste heat (+100°C) in industrial energy consumption


Energy Savings Certificates ESC


Dalkia is with you every step of the way from designing eligible projects to securing ESCs

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