At Dalkia, we understand that nothing is more important than the safety of our employees. They are our greatest asset. Their welfare is our first priority.

A safety-centric culture

We see health and safety as primarily a state of mind: a set of reflexes and everyday practices that should be instinctive at every level of the company. Health and safety is about more than just principles and standards. It is the foundation on which we have built our business culture.

Safety : play with fire
Safety  : 2 seconds reading a text message
Safety : a grinder used with no protection

1 ambition: 0 accidents

Dalkia has pledged to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved in its business activities through its commitment to "zero accidents". This is a goal shared with all employees through a new "Ambition Zero Accident" safety campaign. And because we believe that "when it comes to safety, later is too late", this is a message we embody in all our facilities, work clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Digital apps and tools to achieve our goals

We develop user-friendly tools to prevent accidents and empower all stakeholders, drawing on the latest advances in technology, such as IoT. Employees at Dalkia and its subsidiaries in France and around the world can now use a range of mobile apps to identify and avert potentially dangerous situations, assess risks in dealing with installations, carry out audits, etc.

Safety training

Health and safety training courses account for nearly 50% of the training hours provided by Dalkia every year. All our employees receive training and information on relevant issues to ensure their own safety and that of others in all work environments, whether in offices or at sites, during construction or development projects.

Safety concerns us all. When it comes to safety, later is too late.