New renewables

Dalkia develops new low-carbon technologies and continually reinvents itself to find new ways of harnessing local energy sources to tackle global warming.

New energy sources and technologies that underpin the energy transition

Dalkia develops new technologies with the help of EDF Research & Development and in partnership with startups. This has led to ongoing improvements in the temperature and scope of heat pump technology, for example.

There has also been a raft of innovation in recovered energy sources, a prime example of which is the heat given off by data centres, which require constant cooling. And while the centralised nature of such sources means they can be effectively used in heating networks, the rise of edge computing resources (decentralised data centres) has also paved the way for the development of digital boilers in the basements of buildings operated by Dalkia.

Alongside these advances in recovered energy sources, new applications are opening up more and more opportunities for renewables. Waste cooling from absorption systems and the development of revolutionary thermodynamic gas boilers like Boostheat have made it possible to harness the potential of renewables in ways that were previously not possible.