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Dalkia offers customers expertise in developing, building and managing innovative, greener, more cost-effective energy solutions to enable the sustainable growth of cities and companies. Energy efficiency is our expertise.

Dalkia joins the EDF Group

In the drive to overcome challenges related to climate change, volatile energy prices and dwindling resources, we offer our customers expertise in developing, building and managing greener, more cost-effective energy systems.

Energy efficiency is our expertise

From decentralised production to demand management and optimal distribution, Dalkia helps forge every link of the energy chain to enhance the performance of energy systems.

A long-standing commitment

With close to 80 years' experience in managing heating and cooling networks, optimising industrial utilities, enhancing the energy efficiency of buildings and promoting alternative and renewable energy sources, we offer our customers tailored solutions to reduce their energy consumption and boost the environmental and economic performance of their facilities.


Dalkia seen by Aya

Dalkia in 2018

  • 4,2 billion in revenue
  • 16 000 employees
  • More than 2300 industrial sites
  • More than 19 900 commercial and service-sector facilities
  • More than 3 400 healthcare facilities
  • More than 2 million multi-dwelling units managed

Seeing the bigger energy picture

Sustainable development is at the core of all our services, irrespective of whether they involve studies, engineering, energy purchases or operation and maintenance of facilities.
Our goal is to leverage local resources and keep the environmental impact of facilities to a minimum while reducing use of fossil fuels and curbing greenhouse gas emissions.