Our commitment to our partners

We offer our customers solutions that make the most of local economies and resources. Solutions that are less energy-hungry and more in tune with the environment. Solutions we deliver with the help of our partners.

Using less energy and using it more efficiently have become key goals for our customers. With this in mind, we draw on the support of partners chosen for their skills and dependability. As part of our ongoing drive to set the energy standard, we rise to sustainability challenges through a four-part commitment comprising:

  1. Responsible purchasing
  2. Regional development
  3. Creative solutions
  4. Community involvement and outreach initiatives

1. Responsible purchasing

Working with partners to develop responsible purchasing

We communicate our sustainable development commitments to suppliers and subcontractors through a range of resources in line with the different stages of the purchasing process:

  • Sustainable development charter (applied to all framework contracts with suppliers),
  • Health and safety charter,
  • Sustainability clause included in contracts.

We conduct CSR audits and assessments to measure our partners' commitments and review the steps they have taken. Results are shared with suppliers and action is taken to ensure improvement where necessary.

Key figures: responsible purchasing


100% of supplier framework contracts included a sustainability clause in 2016.

2. Regional development

Contributing to regional development by promoting local resources and initiatives

We contribute to the economic and social development of the regions in which we operate not only through the public services we provide but through our investment in servicing, maintaining and developing infrastructure.

Most of the profit from our business is distributed among stakeholders, including employees, suppliers, external service providers, tax authorities, banks and bond investors.

Developing biomass heating plants and heating networks creates local jobs that are not vulnerable to relocation. We also develop initiatives to promote integration through employment.

Spotlight: jobs in the biomass industry

Dalkia helped to create some 1,777 jobs linked to its biomass business in 2015.

Key figures: indirect jobs

51091 jobs

Dalkia helped to create some 51091 indirect jobs in 2016.

3. Innovative solutions

Devising, developing and implementing solutions for the future

We use our R&D programmes to further sustainable development and implement solutions for the future through a focus on the following areas of research and development:

  • Developing heating networks and eco-districts;
  • Improving air quality inside buildings;
  • Developing biomass and geothermal energy;
  • Increasing use of solid recovered fuels (SRF);
  • Pursuing the company's digital transformation;
  • Modelling new energy systems;

Developing new applications and algorithms for energy management centers.

Key figures: innovations


In 2016, Dalkia devoted 26% of revenue to innovations involving breakthroughs made within the last five years.

4. Community involvement and outreach initiatives

Supporting community involvement and outreach initiatives on a local level

We empower our employees to take part in voluntary campaigns and outreach initiatives by organising cultural and sports events or by sponsoring associations that promote solidarity and sustainable development.

Spotlight: skills-based sponsorship

On 5 and 6 November 2015, Dalkia took part in a skills-based sponsorship campaign organised by Defacto, the organisation that manages La Défense business district in Paris, in conjunction with the non-profit Pro Bono Lab. For two days, Dalkia employees from headquarters and the Dalkia Ile-de-France regional office used their skills and expertise to provide consultancy services for the nine participating associations to help them implement their public-interest projects.

Key figures: community involvement and outreach initiatives


Dalkia provided €1,025,000 in funding to support community involvement and outreach initiatives in 2016.

Dalkia joined the EDF Foundation in 2016

The EDF Foundation supports a whole array of public-interest projects and social innovation initiatives. It promotes dialogue and creates a tangible connection between the company and the community, working alongside employees to assist project sponsors. The new foundation is designed to establish the EDF Group as a responsible corporate citizen involved in the community and committed to outreach initiatives, with a focus on solidarity and progress.

Solidary spans:

  1. Social inclusion
  2. Professional integration
  3. Humanitarian aid.

Progress covers three key areas:

  1. Access to education and knowledge
  2. Medical research
  3. Digital progress.

EDF Foundation website