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Dalkia and the nuclear industry

More than 350 employees of Dalkia now carry out work at nuclear sites in France, many handling industrial maintenance operations at EDF nuclear power plants. Maintenance of equipment used in nuclear industry processes is covered by sector-specific organisation and operating standards.

Dalkia expertise in the nuclear industry

Dalkia provides the industry with the skills and expertise it has developed for other industries, especially with regard to mechanical and electrical maintenance, management of cooling systems, ventilation, water treatment and backup generators. Its nationwide reach gives it the ability to carry out work at nuclear sites throughout France.

By 2020, Dalkia aims to become a leading industrial maintenance and works service provider for EDF and the rest of the nuclear industry while continuing to pioneer solutions in its other business segments.


aim to become a leading industrial maintenance and works service provider


employees of Dalkia now carry out work at nuclear sites

Safety: a first priority for the nuclear industry

Dalkia teams personally improve the safety of nuclear power plants by maintaining equipment and facilities. Measures are taken at every level to conduct operations in line with the highest safety standards.

Dalkia provides a commitment to meet three essential criteria:

  • Ensuring flawless operations through ongoing training for employees (to enhance skills and reliability) and inspections, especially during safety-critical operations;
  • Creating a solid organisation with method managers to capitalise on feedback and build a database of information,
  • Fostering continuous improvement by capitalising on feedback to enhance methods and reference material available to technicians.

Dalkia activities in the nuclear industry

Dalkia is broadening its range of services for nuclear plants and now carries out operations at all active EDF power stations, including Gravelines, Paluel, Penly, Flamanville, Cattenom, Nogent, Chooz, Fessenheim, Bugey, Saint-Alban, Cruas, Tricastin, Belleville, Dampierre, St Laurent, Chinon, Civaux, Blayais and Golfech. Dalkia also handles decommissioning operations at sites such as Creys-Malville.

In addition to the services provided to EDF, Dalkia works on other basic nuclear installations including Areva La Hague, SET Tricastin, Areva Melox Marcoule, Socodei Marcoule, CEA Marcoule, CERN Geneva and CEA Saclay, as well as naval bases in Ile Longue and Toulon.

Key Dalkia services at these sites include:

Climate control:

  • Ventilation (mechanical maintenance, adjustments and upgrades, confinement, clean rooms and air treatment),
  • Cooling (maintenance and renovation);

Rotating machinery:

  • Generators (1-20 year maintenance, standard exchange and replacement),
  • Combustion turbines,
  • Air compressors,
  • Pumps;

Low- and high-voltage systems;

Water treatment;

HVAC systems;

Comprehensive building maintenance.

Dalkia customer references in the nuclear industry

The Blayais nuclear power plant in southwestern France has awarded Dalkia a contract to maintain its industrial ventilation systems

Dalkia has been handling industrial ventilation at the site since 1 January 2017 in addition to the cooling services it has provided since late 2015. Although the type of installation is similar to those encountered in Dalkia's traditional business lines, the attention to detail and precision needed with respect to maintenance, preparations, safety, access and administrative restrictions for nuclear plants require next-level expertise and standards. Dalkia provides maintenance for all industrial ventilation equipment and facilities at the site to ensure they fulfil their primary purpose: process confinement. Dalkia’s specialists enjoy the renewed faith of the customer and use their full array of resources to ensure compliance with relevant standards.

The Civaux nuclear power plant in south-eastern France has awarded Dalkia the contract for the first renovation of its backup generators

Dalkia carried out its first renovation work on backup generators at the Civaux plant in July 2017 as part of a "20-year" maintenance overhaul—the first time that this level of maintenance had been carried out on this type of equipment at a nuclear plant in France.

Dalkia wins EDF DPN Innovation Challenge award for its outstanding safety results

The EDF Nuclear Power Generation Division (DPN) organises an annual Innovation Challenge to reward top-performing business units. Dalkia won third prize in the Safety category based on its results at nuclear sites in 2016

Managing power systems at the Toulon naval base: a high-stakes project

The Toulon naval base is Europe’s largest military port and France's biggest private power grid. Given its technical and strategic scope, a secure energy supply is of vital importance to the naval base. Dalkia now ensures a constant power supply and any necessary backup services under a contract signed with the facility. A team of nearly 50 people—half of whom were hired specifically for the project—focus on four key areas: operation, maintenance, nuclear safety assessments, and QSE. Dalkia specialists must ensure flawless maintenance and traceability for all systems.

CERN in Geneva: Dalkia's long-term partnership with a high-profile customer

Over the past 10 years, Dalkia has managed a number of installations for two interdependent particle accelerators, the Super Proton Synchroton (SPS) and the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), at one of the world's largest and most prestigious scientific laboratories, CERN. Dalkia has worked on several thousand CERN installations involving operation and preventive/corrective maintenance for "cooling and ventilation" systems such as cooling towers (23 units delivering 450 MW) and demineralised water cooling plant facilities (65 units of around 900 cubic metres an hour). Dalkia also handles chilled water production (50 turbo chillers), compressed air, and heating terminal units and substations.

Did you know?

The Dalkia Campus has had an emergency diesel backup generator since 2016, which is used to train Dalkia and EDF technicians who carry out maintenance on such systems. The generators were required by the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN), following the Fukushima accident in 2011, to provide a backup source of electricity to power the auxiliary systems that cool reactors. They involve all 58 EDF reactors in France.

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