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What can we do to look after the planet ?

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Aya is a young teenage girl, representative of an entire generation that is worried about the future of the planet. When she wakes from a nightmare about the repercussions of global warming, she uses her phone to look for available solutions to tackle the problem.

That is when she discovers Dalkia.

Dalkia seen by Aya
Dalkia seen by Aya

Dalkia and renewable energy development

One of Dalkia's core businesses involves harnessing local renewables. In other words, we use the energy sources readily available in cities and regions to provide heating for local people. Resources are easy to find when you know how...

Aya and a technician
  • In Lyon, for example, Dalkia operates the largest biomass heating plant in urban France, using locally sourced wood to warm thousands of homes, swimming pools and hospitals.
  • We also use what people throw in the bin to provide heating for many more. This is called waste recovery, or waste as a resource, and Dalkia uses it in regions throughout France.
  • In Charleville-Mézières, Dalkia devised a way of harnessing the heat that a factory’s ovens give off to warm part of the town. This is known as recovered energy.
  • In Marseille, we use seawater to provide heating and cooling for local people through marine energy solutions. Dalkia is now applying this technology in more and more coastal regions.

4.2 MT

In 2018, Dalkia prevented 4.2 MT of CO2 emissions, the equivalent to taking more than two million cars off the road

Dalkia and energy savings

Aya on stage

6.3 TWH

Dalkia unlocked 6.3 TWh of energy savings in 2018

Dalkia's other core business targets energy savings. Aya understands: the cleanest energy is the energy we never use.

  • Dalkia innovates every day to unlock new energy savings by creating smart buildings that use less and less energy and carrying out energy retrofits to make them more efficient.
  • Dalkia also optimises its customers' energy consumption with the help of state-of-the-art computers at the Dalkia Energy Savings Center (DESC), which combines artificial intelligence with people-powered solutions.

Dalkia: be the energy for change

How about we look after the planet together? Here at Dalkia, our 16,000 employees work daily to devise solutions that create a cleaner world.

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