DALKIA Analytics powered by METRON: Smart energy services for industry

dalkia analytics

A unique service offering to manage the energy and environmental performance of your industrial sites, combining extensive business expertise with the power of artificial intelligence for industry and energy big data analytics.

Energy analytics: harnessing all sources of savings

  • We use energy data analytics to give you actionable ways to enhance energy management across all of your sites.
  • Dalkia uses new technologies such as AI-enhanced solutions for industry to unlock new sources of energy savings and find the best way to harness this potential.
  • Our specialists use ongoing energy analysis to quickly identify any discrepancies and take action before they have a significant financial impact.

DALKIA and METRON: a unique partnership

DALKIA and METRON have been developing an unparalleled partnership since early 2018—a successful alliance between two experts driven by a common vision of how to optimise the energy use of industrial sites.

METRON provides smart energy technology that has been tried and tested by over 100 customers in industry, along with digital expertise developed at sites around the world. METRON's AI-enhanced solutions combine data analytics with key knowledge bases for energy and industry. This technology can unlock new energy saving opportunities that are not immediately apparent and which require no additional investment.

DALKIA has over 80 years' experience in optimising energy performance, backed by a commitment to results and built on a bedrock of industrial expertise developed at more than 2,000 sites across all sectors of industry.

Dalkia Analytics in figures


Energy savings of up to 15% through a combination of energy expertise and big data analytics


Industrial customers using the digital platform


Months to secure return on investment


Industrial sites managed by Dalkia

The benefits of DALKIA Analytics powered by METRON

Give shape to your energy strategy

  • Use custom dashboards to make the right decisions
  • Benchmark performance between shifts, production lines and industrial sites

Save time

  • Cut costs by reducing the time taken to gather and analyse data

Unlock energy savings

  • Continuously optimise energy performance, % by %, and harness new opportunities for savings

Manage risks more effectively

  • Draw up a reliable energy budget
  • Optimise your energy purchases
  • Simulate new setups without adversely affecting processes

Reduce your impact on the environment

  • Manage your energy mix to achieve more sustainable production

Dalkia Analytics: a scalable solution

Our service offering will adapt to your needs over time. The scalable solution will let you visualise, model, optimise and implement an energy performance contract:


  • Custom dashboards
  • Relevant KPIs
  • Automated reports
  • Internal benchmarking
  • Automated alerts
  • Tracking

The right indicator to the right person at the right time


  • Finding correlations
  • Identifying and ranking impact factors
  • IPMVP and consumption forecasts
  • Budget building
  • Standardising best practices

Analyse and model your energy use

Optimisation and Artificial Intelligence

  • Simulating new scenarios
  • Machine learning
  • Knowledge base and ontology → Optimised models
  • Self-adaptive models
  • Automatic suggestions on ways to enhance energy performance using AI

Optimise your energy use

Energy Performance Contracts

  • Dalkia will offer you an Energy Performance Contract (EPC) at the end of the first year
  • A commitment to sustainable energy savings

We guarantee you long-term savings