Our customer relations centre (CRC) staff are on hand to help, summer or winter, day or night, even on weekends. The CRC is a well-oiled machine but also delivers a healthy dose of flexibility and empathy to explain, inform and reassure.

Customer relation centre

In video

Our customer relations centre will let you track and trace your inquiries in real time. Our team of 80 staff is fully focused on dealing with your calls and making sure you get the results you need.


sites in France



800 000

customer calls in a year

In a nutshell

Service continuity across two sites working in synergy

The CRC is open 24/7 to take your calls quickly and reduce waiting times. Our Bordeaux and Mont-Saint-Aignan hubs are part of the same call-centre structure. They use different exchanges to ensure the utmost availability and uptime.

Our agents aim to build confidence and trust by listening, informing and processing requests quickly and effectively.

49 seconds

of average wait time, 27 seconds for pros

Customer relations is a mindset!

At Dalkia, customer relations is part of an overall policy showcased by the CRC.

Against a backdrop of volatile prices, fast-changing regulations and the crucial need to incorporate renewables into the energy mix, customer expectations are growing in step with the challenges they face. We need to "keep pace", says Jean-Yves Lépine, who heads customer relations at Dalkia. How? Everything goes through the CRC, which is the first touchpoint for customers, but also does so much more! "Every time the company interacts with customers, we strive to bring added value to our relations," says Jean-Yves.

A strategic plan

Customer relations permeate every aspect of the company, from management and sales to teams on the ground. They are also reflected in our growing digital presence and use of online tools like the Customer Interface. Lastly, they including testing the fast-track contact number and CRC handling of all customer inquiries. "We need a cultural change both internally and in the type of partnership we build with customers," says Jean-Yves.