Cookies are data stored on an Internet user’s terminal equipment (computer or mobile device), used by the website to send information to their browser, enabling the browser to send back information to the original site (for example, session ID, language preference or date).
You are informed that, when you visit this site, cookies may be installed in your browser software.

Cookies serve multiple purposes:

  • They optimise the website and make it easier to navigate. 
  • They provide a service specifically requested by the site user such as accessing certain services.
  • They analyse site visitor trends and figures and produce statistics.

Dalkia may collect anonymous data on the user’s visits to the website (browser used, number of pages viewed, number of visits, navigation path, time spent on the site or on a page, etc.).

No data relating to the name, telephone number or address of the user will be collected during service provision either by Dalkia or through its service provider.

In the course of data collection and processing, Dalkia or its service provider may use the user’s IP address for the sole purpose of accurate regional geolocation and assign a cookie to them. Insofar as this data could in some cases lead back to an individual, and in order to protect them, Dalkia or its service provider will keep this data for a limited length of time only, in encrypted form, and without ever revealing it in the website statistics service or in any other place within the enterprise.

You are informed that you may block the installation and use of cookies but that deleting them will affect navigation on certain parts of our website.

Dalkia draws your attention to the fact that, when you block the installation or use of cookies, a ‘cookies disabled’ cookie is installed on your device. If you delete this cookie, it will no longer be possible to identify you as having disabled cookies. Similarly, when you allow cookies, a ‘cookies enabled’ cookie is installed. These cookies must remain on your terminal equipment.

In your browser settings, you can view cookies and, if you wish, disable them as follows: 

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Choose the Tools menu then Options 
  2. Click the Privacy icon 
  3. Locate the cookies menu and select the options according to your preferences

Microsoft Internet Explorer: 

  1. Choose the Tools button and then Internet Options
  2. Select the Privacy tab
  3. Move the slider to the required level (top to block all cookies or bottom to allow all cookies)


  1. In the menu bar, choose Safari
  2. In the dropdown menu, choose Preferences
  3. Click Security
  4. Under Accept cookies, choose Never. With this browser it is not possible to block cookies individually.

Google Chrome: 

  1. At the top right, click the three dots
  2. Select Settings
  3. Click Advanced
  4. Under "Privacy and security", click Content settings
  5. Click Cookies
  6. Under All cookies and site data, click Remove all
  7. Confirm by clicking Clear all