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A key role: as part of your regional Dalkia Energy Savings Center, you will be responsible for analysing data to keep facilities running smoothly and boost performance!

Your strengths

An ability to analyse and process data, along with a talent for providing information to support frontline staff and optimise facility management, all backed by an attention to detail and an ability to adapt.

Your profile

A university or engineering school graduate, you may be new to the trade or a seasoned professional.

Expertise! Because Dalkia is a leading company in the energy market!


DESC analyst

It was an obvious choice. The training was also a big help, as well as the career guidance from the HR department!



Your career opportunities

Working as an analyst is a good way to acquire the skills needed to manage operations. The position is also an effective springboard for a more technical job in design engineering.

Whichever path you choose (and there are many), we will be there every step of the way to advise you and help you build your career.