Energy consumption: less is better!

Dalkia empowers local, renewable and reusable energy resources

Tour(s)plus is reducing its environmental footprint by turning the sludge from its treatment plant into a resource.

Energy solutions at your doorstep

Dalkia offers innovative solutions to help local authorities and businesses navigate the energy transition

Local Authorities

358 The number of heating and cooling networks managed by Dalkia (1,620 km of pipes)


2100 Number of industrial sites managed by Dalkia.
2 TWh Targeted annual savings for Dalkia's industrial customers in France by 2020.

Tertiary Sector

13800 The number of tertiary and commercial facilities managed by Dalkia


3% to 5% The percentage of healthcare facility budgets allocated to energy.
2,800 The number of healthcare facilities operated by Dalkia specialists.


500000 The number of housing units that France aims to upgrade each year as part of its energy transition, starting in 2017.
2.6 million housing units heated by Dalkia

You are our main source of energy!

Dalkia's men and women play a key role in the energy transition


You'd be surprised to see all the things which Dalkia can do for you

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